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Seminars/Workshops Organized


  • National Seminar on “Creative Writing as a Means of Preserving Oral Tribal Cultural Programme” as Youth-Connect Programme sponsored by Rajib Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Sriperumbudur, 19 December, 2014.
  • Seminar on Prehistory of England with BBC Documentaries
  • Old English Literature
  • Seminar on Renaissance English Drama with Movie Shows
  • Seminar on “What is Romanticism?”
  • Workshop on Digital Photography
  • Seminar on English Language Teaching
  • Seminar on Social Media


  • Class Seminar on Anglo-Saxon England: the Language and Literature
  • Class Seminar on Renaissance English Poetry
  • Class Seminar on Understanding Romanticism
  • Class Seminar on Modernism: Art and Literature
  • Workshop on Digital Photography