Call for Contribution: The Golden Line Magazine

GLTheme: How to Study English Literature

Contributions of critical writings are invited from teachers, research scholars and students of any part of the world for the Inaugural Issue. Creative writings are also invited from  students of colleges and universities.

Theme for critical writings: “How to Study English Literature”

Topics (not exclusive but suggestive:

  • How to study English literature as an interdisciplinary subject interlinked with other disciplines like the science and the fine arts
  • Makers of English literature
  • How to develop critical skills
  • How to develop skills in the English language
  • How to prepare answer a long question in the exams.
  • How to study poetry (including individual poets)
  • How to study fiction (including individual authors)
  • Why study the English prose writers
  • Recent trends in New Literatures in English in the erstwhile colonies of England
  • Recent writers in English
  • Principles of creative writing
  • Prospects of studying English literature for profession

Original Creative Writings  from Students:

  • Poems (maximum 5)
  • Short Stories
  • Flash Poems & Graphic Stories (must provide the entire package in tested running mode).

There is no word-limit, but students need to keep in mind that readers on the web do not stay long on a site and a long writing can make them fly away. So the piece must be able to attract, engage and impress the readers in their short stay.

Where to Send: Send your contributions to


Tentative publication: August-September